Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Aleatoric-To The Celebration Of All Slain Hope CD-R And Forever Yours 7”

As the Ozark punk scene declined in the late 1990’s, kids who might have been punks in previous years went instead to the hardcore and emo scenes. The Aleatoric was the best band to come out of this emocore movement in Springfield at that time, and they developed quite a following during their brief existence. Formed by two former members of the Springfield punk act the Fremen, the Aleatoric was greatly inspired by the chaotic, heavy metalish band The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their shows featured a double-guitar assault coupled with the screeching vocals of their bass player Josh and some great drumming courtesy of Nate. Their fan base was very devoted: rather than slamming, they tended to engage in sort of a free-form dace expression, including the occasional cartwheel. I remember the vibe at their shows was much more mellow and friendly than at the average Springfield punk show at the time. They released the ponderously titled To The Celebration Of All Slain Hope CD-R in 2001. Shortly thereafter they added co-vocalist Eric to the mix and recorded the Forever Yours 7” in 2002. The record was co-released by Fortuna per Letum out of Virginia and Holy Fury Records in France. The band broke up not long after the record’s release.

To The Celebration Of All Slain Hope CD-R

1. Melvin Udal
2. Strapped To A Track
3. Subtle Reversements

Forever Yours 7”

1. Let The Devil Wear Black
2. For My Farewell
3. Subtle Reversements


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Junebug Lightning said...

Thanks for doing this blog. I'd love to see a Slugworth's tape on here, I can't find it anywhere. As for the Aleatoric I have a different take on the formation. Josh was the singer and Nate was the drummer from Caldwell. Caldwell broke up behind the ineptitude of their (our) bassist. The guitar player Josh showed up at Nates house to shoot the shit and found that the singer Josh had finally executed his plan of keeping Nate and losing Josh and adding an extremely talented guitarist. While I was offended and hurt to not be offered any sort of role in the new band their talent and beautiful songs are undeniable. Bassist/Vocalist Josh can take zero credit for that.