Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Abrasions For The Palate Compilation Cassette

Released in 1994 by Teufelsdrockh Music, a local label, this professionally recorded tape comp. was described in the liner notes as a collection of “Springfield Alternative Rock”. It featured tracks by bands active in town in the early 1990’s, including Brine, Uncle Fester (a pre-Brine four-piece act), the Psychonauts (who played tolerable alt-rock), Devolve (a two-piece drum machine band), and Dunce Cap (a short-lived garage/punk act that included members of the Cheerleaders and Walking Octopus). Stu, a member of Dunce Cap, has a web page here that has an interesting timeline of the Springfield punk rock scene from about 1978 to the mid-1990’s. (There was an all-girl 70’s punk act from Springfield called the Debs? I must have the tapes!)

Uncle Fester-Inbred
Dunce Cap-Hamburger Job
Brine-Local Business Hero
Uncle Fester-Sore Thumb
Uncle Fester-Side Show
Dunce Cap-The Tall Years
Psychonauts-Green Grass
Brine-And Now
Psychonauts-Fighter Pilot
Devolve-Going Down


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trixie And The Merch Girls-DIY, Meatmarket Hotline, and Dead Giraffe CD-Rs

Trixie and the Merch Girls was a side project band done by the three members of Thee Fine Lines, a long-running Springfield garage rock group. They had an eclectic musical style, incorporating elements of punk, pop, and the avant-garde. Trixie’s smooth vocals gave the band a surprisingly pleasing sound, and they were a regular act at the 423 Club during their existence as a band from 1999-2002. The download file includes their fist two recordings, the DIY and Meatmarket Hotline EPs, as well as their only full-length release, 2002’s Dead Giraffe. The band recorded several other CD-R EPs as well as a split 7” with the Jim-Jims, most of which are available on the Wee Rock Records website.


1. I Wish...
2. Buy It Grrrl
3. My Cock
4. Four Two Four
5. Piggies
6. Lick It Up

Meatmarket Hotline CD-R

1. I Ain't Goin' Nowhere
2. Ouch!
3. Candy, Snacks, Gas
4. Basement Song
5. Rock & Roll Nightmares
6. It's So Nice
7. Eggs

Dead Giraffe CD-R

1. Gabe, Can We Borrow Your Gun?
2. Worms
3. Pluggie
4. Song for Adam
5. BB Man
6. The Bass Amp has Arrived
7. Little Chinese Man
8. Dead Giraffe
9. Train Song
10. Fine Lines
11. Conan, We Love You
12. Leavin' People Hangin'
13. It's Me


Monday, December 1, 2008

The Itch

I wrote a while back that I would try to inform the readers of this humble blog not only of the legendary bands of Ozark lore, but of those still rocking away in that isolated backwoods. To that end I would like to draw your attention to The Itch. The three-piece band includes former members of U$MC and Big Bad Chubba, although nobody plays the instruments that they used to. I had the privilege of recently seeing them play in Joplin, and was duly impressed with their rough-hewn rock n’ roll meets punk rock aesthetic. They’ve been around for a couple of years, and have released a two of 7” records along with two full-length CDs. (Their most recent album, “The Courage To Be Hated”, is the first release from an Ozark punk act to be issued on an LP format along with the CD version. Kind of ironic when consider that the golden age of vinyl is long gone, and even CDs are giving way to mp3 downloads.) All of their releases are available from Wee Rock Records, who also host a kick-ass band website with free mp3 tracks from the group and other info. You can check out the band’s MySpace page as well. Better yet, if you live along the I-44 corridor from Tulsa to Springfield, get off your ass and go see these rockin’ beasts in the flesh.