Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Abrasions For The Palate Compilation Cassette

Released in 1994 by Teufelsdrockh Music, a local label, this professionally recorded tape comp. was described in the liner notes as a collection of “Springfield Alternative Rock”. It featured tracks by bands active in town in the early 1990’s, including Brine, Uncle Fester (a pre-Brine four-piece act), the Psychonauts (who played tolerable alt-rock), Devolve (a two-piece drum machine band), and Dunce Cap (a short-lived garage/punk act that included members of the Cheerleaders and Walking Octopus). Stu, a member of Dunce Cap, has a web page here that has an interesting timeline of the Springfield punk rock scene from about 1978 to the mid-1990’s. (There was an all-girl 70’s punk act from Springfield called the Debs? I must have the tapes!)

Uncle Fester-Inbred
Dunce Cap-Hamburger Job
Brine-Local Business Hero
Uncle Fester-Sore Thumb
Uncle Fester-Side Show
Dunce Cap-The Tall Years
Psychonauts-Green Grass
Brine-And Now
Psychonauts-Fighter Pilot
Devolve-Going Down



fromspahnranch said...

I remember a band from that period called the "Public Assassins." I remember seeing their CD's at Hoodlum Books on South St and briefly heard them practice once at the Aardvark Studio on S. Jefferson

Gabe said...

Public Assassin was the big metal band in Springfield in the 80's and early 90's. I believe they toured around the country some, and their drummer Richard later played in the European band Death. I think someone should do a Ozark metal page to go along with my Ozark punk page, as there was a huge metal scene in SW Missouri back in the day.

Willie said...

Death was from Tampa Florida.

Ridgerunner said...

Most of these bands were reviewed or interviewed in the Joplin-based monthly The Undergrowth.

Kristen said...

Yes, it was The Debs, maverick all girl band from 1978-1980. Girl group meets the Ramones. We are having a reunion concert on August 15th at the Outland Ballroom in Springfield on August 15th 2009 10p.
Hope to see you there!

JesseArg! said...

any chance you could fix the dl link? love the work you've done here.