Saturday, May 29, 2010

Now Or Never-1991 Demo

Ah, we come full circle. The very first post on this blog was the Now Or Never live tape. In that post, I said that NON was the best punk band to ever emerge from the Ozarks. This demo tape confirms that opinion, even if I think the live tape is better. It features a lot of songs not on the live recording, and the rough production can’t hide the fine paying by the band. Thanks again to Dave for providing this stuff.

1. Ten Second Song

2. Now Or Never

3. Ignorance

4. Sexism

5. Changes

6. Stagnation

7. Censorship

8. The Seven Year Itch

9. Cynical Cycle

10. Dr. Frankenstein

11. Expectations

12. Backwards Thinking

13. Fuckhole

14. Thin Man

15. Muckraker


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Force Fed Patriots

I’ve had a lot of requests for some FFP stuff, so I’m glad I was finally able to get a hold of the tapes. Dave (who also ran the Commercial Street Club and sang in Now or Never) was the band’s only constant member, and they went through several incarnations over the years. The original FFP was a punk cover band formed with Dave on guitar, Frank on bass, Chris on vocals, and Debbie on drums in 1987. They only played out a couple of times, but managed to record a two-song demo (one song is a GBH cover originally entitled “Knife’s Edge”; I’m not sure about the other one). The band got back together in 1988 as a three-piece with Dave on guitar, Derek on drums and Kevin on bass (Derek and Kevin later joined the Rising Sun). This time the band wrote some original songs, and once again recorded a two-song demo before splitting up. After Now or Never folded in 1992, Dave decided to make use of the name for a third time. He needed a house band for the Commercial Street Club, and already had a FFP tattoo. This incarnation was around for about a year, with Dave on guitar again, Klint on bass, Kit (aka Eggboy) on vocals and Jody on drums. They recorded the full-length “Flag Flying Parade” demo in 1992. The tape has a goofy, vaguely political style, and features some prank calls made by members of the band (a popular form of entertainment in the days before caller ID). FFP broke up for the final time in 1993.

1987 Demo

1. Edge of a Knife

2. War Games

1988 Demo

3. Force Fed Patriots

4. Polyester Beauty Queen

Flag Flying Parade Demo

5. Bush Duke Puke

6. Force Fed

7. Faith

8. Myself

9. Saturday

10. Fuckin Shit

11. Mistake

12. Hello?

13. Circus

14. Man

15. Rage (live)

16. Mirror

17. Snake

18. Myself II (live)

19. Hello? II

Thanks again to Dave for getting this stuff to me.