Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Other Ozark Underground

Forgive me for getting non-punk for a moment, but I don’t know how this website has escaped my attention for so long. The Underground Ozarks is a way cool webpage with accounts and photos from people who have explored some of the forbidden places around SW Missouri. They cover some sites I was familiar with already (Albino Farm, the Acid Tunnels [pictured], and my old day camp Ritter Springs) along with some that were unknown to me (the MSU Tunnels, Phenix). The site hasn’t been updated in a while (although the message board is still active), but it’s still a great resource on a little known part of the Ozarks.

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Dan said...

This seems to be a local iteration of the sublime site (as long as we're getting off topic). Kudos on the cool-ass site, and thanks for the great music. Rawk!!!