Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Magic Bean

The Magic Bean has been a fixture in the Springfield DIY music scene for fifteen years now. I remember going to punk shows there when the place fist opened on Kimbrough. It later moved to a location on National across for MSU, where it remains today. I personally dealt with the Bean’s owner Jeff many times when booking shows, and I’m glad someone finally made the effort to put up a Facebook page expressing our collective feelings towards him. Here’s to you, Magic Bean.


shitpigeon said...

Hey man, I'm in a currently active punk band called task force ( that has been havin trouble gettin a show in springfield where i take it your from... if theres anyway you could help us set up something on march 6th 'round there.. well that would totally fucking rule! We'll play with anyone, anywhere, for little or no money. we're driving through there anyway, and our goal is to be able to plug our amps in that night and meet new peoples.

Also, generally fucking sweet blog. I just got done enjoying the hell outta the usmc and encrusted recordings and am pissed that mediafire's bein all lame right now..... If you're at all interested I got some punk/hardcore recordings sitting around from the early 2000's and maybe late 90s of missouri bands, mostly lake of the ozarks and columbia. stoked to find your blog!

shitpigeon said...

oh crap, yeah my email is (same email since 6th grade...)

Anonymous said...

Hey I am going to be moving out to Missouri in a few months and I am doing research about the punk scene there since that will probably the thing I will miss most about Denver. I want to know what there is to do out there and have a good idea what to expect. I play folk punk and also have begun writing a zine and would love to be a part of any D.I.Y. collective or project. You can contact me at


Loco Laurie said...

The sad thing is that I have tried to book with him in the past year and a half, with a full reminder of what a person he is. I can only hope karma comes back to bite him in the ass.

~ Laurie

Daniel Gray said...

I've played there many years ago and my nephews band has also played there never had a booking problem