Friday, November 18, 2011

Initial Detonation-1997 Demo

This demo was recorded in ID's early days, when they still had Steve on guitar/co-vocals (he later quit the band and was replaced by Ritchie and Garry from Satan's Ice Cream Truck). The sound quality is decent, and the tape is notable in that three of the five songs were never re-recorded anywhere else-"Homeless" and "Pro-Life???" are originals, while "Rehumanize Yourself" has lyrics lifted from a song by the Police (!).

1. Did You?
2. Homeless
3. Mary Kay Commandos
4. Pro Life???
5. Rehumanize Yourself



sconroy said...

This isn't normally the kind of music I like but I loved seeing this band live. Jeanene's vocals would rip the top of your head off. They were beautifully ferocious and I loved every minute of it. "Rehumanize Yourself" was a favorite.

shitpigeonunholywarrior said...

This blog is sweet, i discovered it about a years ago and really some of the old hc bands i most likely wouldn't have found from my area from the 90s. I found a copy of the initial detonation st 7 inch in the dollar bin at new orleans iron rail infoshop last november and was (and am) stoked. I live in columbia these days and feel like our scene does pretty well. Besides Blackhole and Suzi Trash I haven't heard any modern punk/hc out of springfield or joplin in a long time.... curious your scene holds it down these days.

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