Saturday, July 14, 2012

A History in Flyers

After much procrastinating, I finally scanned my entire flyer collection. It consists of 63 punk flyers from Springfield and Joplin spanning approximately the years 1993-2001. Several of them were created by yours truly, and I have memories attached to just about all of them. (Anyone else remember the U$MC/Quincy Punks/Blanks 77/Dropkick Murphys show? Or the somewhat disastrous first show at Harper’s Bizarre?) They’re split into two files, and are roughly chronological until near the end, where I threw in some extra odd and ends stuff.  If you have any good stories about any of these shows, please share in the comments.


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Liam Cutbirth said...

Hey I'm Liam. I'm a 16 year old kid in Springfield. I like reading up on here because I like to know that I'm not just that one punk kid in a brainwashed community. Ive been writting music sense seventh grade and have been calling it punk rock. So, thanks for giving me a history lesson on my loccal punk ancestors

Missouribull said...

This is Quinn, I have flyers, music and storys for you to add. Email me at

laura bittner said...

hey could i have your contact info? im working for a label and i wanted to update you about new releases, thanks! you can email me at

Jackaaaaay said...

Can you refresh my memory.... Who was at ROCK THIS 2000 Springfield Mo?. I lost my flyer and I can't remember the line up.

Bad Kitty said...

This is a general question: Is there anything resembling a punk scene in Jefferson City?