Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obey: We Have Guns! 7" Compilation

This comp. was released in 1994, and was a pretty good picture of the Springfield punk scene at the time. 500 copies were pressed, with 500 more being released a couple of years later on Wee Rock Records (the repress was missing one of the Brine songs due to a pressing error). The original pressing came with a booklet with art and lyrics from each of the bands. The record got generally positive reviews, and was the only vinyl release to contain songs by the Cheerleaders, Disarm, Boring Dog Cheese Guard, and Devolve.

The Cheerleaders-Heil Mr. Horsepower
Boring Dog Cheese Guard-Obey
Devolve-Hombres y Cosas



Midge said...

Those were the days!!!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this comp's concept inspired by the the "Obey We Have Guns" stickers that Springfield's anarchist youth federation members were sticking on cop cars at the time?

By the way Gabe, thanks for putting up this archive of Springfield's pre-millenial punk scene! You rock!!!

Peace & Freedom,
Midge Potts

Gabe said...

Thanks Midge, and yes, I do rock. The title of the 7” was indeed inspired by the stickers that we used to put on cop cars back in Springfield in the day. Copies of the original stickers were included with the first pressing of the 7”. A friend of mine got pulled over by a cop one night and he saw that she had a copy of the 7” on her floorboard. The cop asked her if she knew who was putting out the record, because “there was a problem with them being put on police vehicles”. Looks like we got someone’s attention. Another time, some friends of mine hit the DARE van on the Square, much to their amusement.

Willie said...

I had one of those original seven inchers, but the sticker wound up on my old guitar, which got retired about eleven years ago.

Loco Laurie said...

I'm pretty sure I still have a copy of this myself. Those were the days.