Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ozark Babylon-VHS Tape

This is a little-seen, full-length (112 min.) documentary on the Ozark punk scene released in 1998. It contains live footage and interviews with General Zod, Initial Detonation, The Rowskabouts, Satan’s Ice Cream Truck, Brine, U$MC, Vanilla Christ, and Grout. It also has interviews with some of the regular scene people around at the time, as well as random silliness. It’s a great portrait of the Ozark punk subculture of the 1990’s, showing both its high and low points. The interviewees talk about a lot of the issues that plagued the scene then, like backbiting, the lack of local support for the bands, and the Nazi skinhead problem (the infamous Born Against Nazi incident is mentioned at one point). Considering the amount of work that went into the video’s production, little was done to promote it, and only about 30 copies were produced. It’s gratifying to be able to post it here to a worldwide audience.

Update: When Megaupload ceased to exist a few months ago, it took this video file with it. Rather than post it in chunks on Mediafire, I decided to just upload the whole thing to Youtube. You can see the movie here


The Beer Man said...

Thank you Gabe!

I had this video at one point and like so many other things, it's magically vanished over the years.

I'm thrilled that I'm going to be able to catch it again.

Loco Laurie said...

I have to thank you Gabe. Watching this was really cool. I hadn't seen it in at least 10 years. Seeing old friends, and one that isn't with us now. Wow.

new republic said...

Thanks for putting this up man.
I still have the video and wanted to upload it myself. You just saved me a shit load of time. Do you have any recordings of Gabe Harper and the abortions laying around. I don't remember if we recorded or not I just remember all of us cramming into that little 1 room apt above my house to practice....