Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disarm-Demo Tape

Disarm was a drunken, sloppy, and very entertaining band that played out around Springfield for about a year in the mid-1990’s. Comprised of two former members of Force Fed Patriots along with drummer Rob and vocalist Liz, they pounded out simplistic and rough mid-tempo punk songs with surprisingly astute lyrics. Rob and Liz were still high school students at the time, and under the dubious tutelage of the older members Dave and Klint, the band played a lot of house shows along with the occasional appearance at an authentic rock venue. This five-song demo was recorded in 1994, and was originally released on the “A Boy and His 4-Track” compilation tape.

1. Fake
2. Power
3. Joe Blow
4. Lonley
5. I Can't Think


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Luke Walters said...

I just found my copy of A Boy and his 4-Track tape. I always bitched about the fact that on most punk recordings around the scene you could never hear the vocals. You told me that you though I would like this, and I did. I think you gave me this at Midwest Music Fest. I could be wrong. The memory seems so vivid. Those were really some great times.