Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sodomites-Copulation in the Nation CD

The Sodomites were a not-too-serious three-piece punk band out of Joplin. They had an amusing stage act and some seriously raunchy lyrics. I remember booking them at a show in Springfield in the mid-1990’s. They bagged on the other bands, insulted the crowd, and generally seemed to be having a good time. The band provided some good-natured fun as a counterbalance to some of the more serious punk bands around then. They released this professionally recorded and produced CD in 1995 on their own Psycho Motor Disorder label. It definitely has some worthy tracks, from the gonzo insanity of “Adolescent” and “Die” to the surprisingly catchy pop tune “Larry”. Two of the Sodomite’s members later joined up with a former guitar player of the Richards to start another jokey punk act called Vanilla Christ, who had a memorably funny segment in the Ozark Babylon documentary.

1. Flesh Gordon
2. Psycho Girl
3. Spring Valley Shopping Mall
4. I Can’t Fuck Your Wife
5. Freaks
6. Adolescent
7. Scum
8. Larry
9. Good Time Classic
10. Die
11. I Hate What I Do
12. Deborah
13. Good One



dan the killer said...

I think one of the most important elements of the sodomites was their impact on our local outcast culture. There was a lot of homophobia around in those days and the sodomites broke that apart. They would play at gay bars and in the nude. One of their moto's was fuck 'em if they can't take a joke and joke 'em if they cant take a fuck. It defined the paramaters of our counter culture.

Ridgerunner said...

The Sodomites were interviewed in one issue of The Undergrowth and reviewed in two.

Casey said...

The experience was full throttle fun. Only smiles when I look back upon those days.

May I offer a suggestion? Dan, do you have any material to send to Gabe from Squirm, Encrusted, or Initial Detonation? Also, Gabe, do you have any Force Fed Patriot boots? I loved those guys.

Cockroach Presley

The Beer Man said...

The Sodomites are still to this very day, my all time favorite local punk act.

This blog really brings back a lot of very good memories... makes me long for The Culture Shock and all day park shows among other things.

Angry Meat said...

The sodomites were fantastic I remember my parents found a flyer for a show they had at the dead cowboy they were outraged which of course made me want to see them even more. That band will always hold a special place with me I was so excited to find a copy of their cd on here I had been digging around for my copy for years.

Angry Meat said...

correction the show was at the cowpalace I always confuse the two part of getting old :P

William Mark Warren said...

I had the privilage of hanging out with Chip a couple of times. Cool Cool guy! I remember a story he told me about them playing at an AIDs benefit. He said they announced "We are the Sodomites!" and someone in the back yelled out, "SO ARE WE!"