Friday, July 24, 2009

Barbie Holocaust-1996 Demo

Barbie Holocaust was a Springfield-based band that was around for a couple of years in the mid-1990’s. They played poppy-punk with a grunge influence, and were notable for a couple of unusual things: Guitarist Matt and bass player/vocalist Rudie were all of 14 years old when they started the band, and drummer Annette was Rudie’s mom. They released a well played but poorly recorded demo tape in 1995, and then this superior demo in 1996. Professionally recorded, the tape featured some strong songwriting and playing. It was the last thing to be released by the band.

1. A Bomb
2. When I Grow Up
3. Sue the World
4. Sick of It
5. We Will Become U
6. Erase



Annette said...

Thanks much Gabe. It's nice not to be forgotten, hence the value of what you are doing for Ozarks Punk Rock. A correction & addendum: Rudie was born June 1983, thus was 12 (and Matt 13) when they started the band, wrote those amazing songs and played at the Magic Bean (1995). At 13 and 14 they wrote the final songs and made the demos (1996). By this time we were playing Bar Next Door, Culley's, your club etc. as well as the Bean. In October 1996, the Springfield Skatepark was founded at a gig at the Magic Bean. BTW, we sent the demo to Fat Mike of NOFX, who gave it a C and said, "No band who doesn't like Kiss ["When I grow Up"] gets a good grade in my book". He must’ve listened pretty close to the lyrics – impressive!

Thanks again :) -- Annette,"Mom", Drummer

Willie said...

I remembered Matt and Rudy being younger as well. I was only 15 myself when they recorded this demo. Great post Gabe.

Matthew said...

Wow Gabe thank you so much for posting this! I cant believe how long its been. That was such a great time in life i could never express in just words how much i grew during that time. You were a big part of that and thank you for helping me grow as a musician and taking the time and effort to record us. Best time ever! Cheers mate

JohnForDummies said...

I remember seeing the Barbie Holocaust in Joplin at the Grind... I forget who they opened for, but we were blown away by them. We thought Annette was the coolest mom in the world...

About three weeks later, at the "Local Musicians for Children" music fest they were playing, and before playing the song "GOP", they said, "I'm gonna try to sing this, but my voice is changing, and I may not be able to hit the right notes."

They rocked both times I saw them.