Friday, August 7, 2009

The Vault of Punk

I’m at long last getting near the end my list of things to post here. There are still some tapes I’d like to track down (like stuff by the Rowskabouts, Vanilla Christ, Force Fed Patriots, and the Now or Never demo), but postings on here may slow down a bit. To compensate for that I’ve decided to start another blog on which I’ll post my favorite punk and hardcore releases that are now out of print (or in a few cases never in print to start with). So mosey your web browser over to The Vault of Punk and check out some obscure underground treasures. I’ll be adding more stuff over there as time goes on, and make sure you check back here now and then for the occasional update.


The Beer Man said...

Hey Gabe if you get the chance, would appreciate it beyond words if you could post The Noise with a Beat compilation that Wee Rock Records put out.

I mostly want it for The two Big Bad Chubba songs... reminds me of my teenage years... but would like the rest of it as well.

If not.. well then it's no biggie, looking forward to checking out your new blog.

The Beer Man said...

The HubCap tape circa 1994?!? or so Would be quite outstanding as well. (Assuming if you don't have it yourself that someone sends it to you)

If you could get that on here someway.. somehow then I would have reacquired via the wonders of the internet, all the main local relics that I've lost over the years.

I got The Richards and Encrusted back thanks to this blog, (two classics I thought I would never hear again) would kill for Hubcap as well.

Gabe said...

I’ve got a line on the Noise With A Beat Tape-I may be getting a copy in the near future. I’ve never heard HupCap-a Joplin band I’m guessing?

The Beer Man said...

Yes Hubcap was a Joplin band, the tape they put out seems to be somewhat elusive.

I don't know anyone who happens to still have it, I lost mine years ago.

As far as ska acts go, I felt they were the best this area's ever seen.

I'll look forward to seeing if noise with a beat gets posted.

I've checked out your other blog and like what I've seen, have already downloaded the live Fear album and will likely do the same with The Dart solo record.

JohnForDummies said...

Gabe, can you contact me at johnfordummies[at] I may be able to help you out with Hubcap, BBC, and Rowskabouts.

bethann said...

Johnfordummies, who are you??? You wouldn't have happened to have graduated in '95 and been IN Hubcap, would you??podyak

Jason said...

Vanilla Christ never recorded. There is a practice tape recorded in September '97 that is of good quality, but I lost my copy a few years back. I'll check with Brian as he may still have a copy.