Monday, July 28, 2008

Initial Detonation-s/t 7” and So Selleth the Shepherd, So Buyeth the Flock 7”

Of all of the bands profiled here, Initial Detonation came the closest to achieving some amount of popularity outside of the Ozarks. The band consisted of former members of Encrusted and Satan’s Ice Cream Truck along with Larry on drums and Jeanene providing some scorching co-vocals (guitarist Roger had also played in the original lineup of the LA punk act Total Chaos). They adopted an anarchist-thrash sound that was very popular at the time, and were clearly aiming for bigger and better things than playing local shows. They put out one demo tape, and then released their first record, a self-titled 7”, in 1998. They followed up with another 7” the next year, both records being released on Sensual Underground Ministries out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both records received great reviews, particularly from Slug & Lettuce. Maximum Rock ‘n Roll complemented them on their “great crusty style”, which I always found amusing. The band looked ready to become a big act in the anarchist crust scene, but broke up during what sounded like a really hellish two-month nation-wide tour. As far as I know, they’re the only Ozark punk band with their own wikipedia entry.

s/t 7”

Mary Kay Commandos
I am
America the Poisoned
Did You

So Selleth the Shepherd, So Buyeth the Flock 7"

Society of Robots
So Selleth the Shepherd, So Buyeth the Flock
Jesus Slaves
Silver Linings



One of the former members of I.D. maintains a MySpace page dedicated to the band. You can see it here. And in other and more bizarre news, I recently learned that Jeanene, co-vocalist of the group, was a participant on the now-defunct network TV show “Extreme Makeover”. It looks like the corporate network people paid for a shitload of plastic surgery, or used some black magic ritual to transfer her consciousness into a new body. Check out the photos and decide for yourself.


decrepit said...

Where can I found lyrics of initial detonation? nowhere? haha FXCK! i have time searching without a nice result, and my ear is not that nice (my english suck haha) anyway, thanks for this material

Gabe said...

Yeah, ID lyrics are pretty hard to make out. If I can find the spare time, I might transcribe them from the 7” record sleeves and post them here.

Willie said...

It usually went something like "Raghhh Raghhhh, be nice to bunny rabbits" and so forth

Decrepit said...

ok cool !

BMcDonald666 said...

Janine on extreme makeover....Mary Kay Commando indeed!

new republic said...

A majority of the lyrics were written by Janine and myself on the demo and the 1st 7". I was the original 2nd guitarist and male vocalist but they brought in the SICT guys to replace me when I decided to move to Texas. I can be seen playing guitar in the Ozark Babylon Video for the band. I will try to go thru and remember the lyrics. -Steve McCarthy