Friday, July 4, 2008

Encrusted-Coverup Demo Tape

Encrusted was an anarchist band from Joplin, Missouri who played some very bracing and aggressive shows before folding during an ill-fated west coast tour. They managed to release this demo tape in 1995 during their brief existence as a band. Two of the group’s five members later played in Initial Detonation, another anarcho-punk outfit that actually managed to get some attention outside of the Ozarks (more on them later).

1. Control to Destruction
2. Murder, Pray, and Die
3. March of the Redneckkks
4. Throw it Away
5. Something
6. Addict
7. U.ASS.A.


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Ridgerunner said...

Mike Jilge, later of Encrusted and other Joplin bands, played in a very good band that performed at Janessa C.'s 16th birthday ca. 1988.