Saturday, July 5, 2008

U$MC-The Rise and Fall of the Middle Class CD-R

It’s pretty safe to say that this 1999 release by U$MC (Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children) is the best punk album to ever come out of Joplin, MO. Considering some of the other bands around at the time (Encrusted, Initial Detonation, etc.) that’s no small praise. I’ll always remember the night when these guys opened for Blanks 77, the Quincy Punks, and the Dropkick Murphys and blew them all off of the stage. Wee Rock Records released this disc, which unfortunately never got much notice outside of the Ozarks. Included here are the twelve tracks from the CD as well as a red-hot outtake song from the same recording session.

1. Caveat Emptor
2. Hate Junkie
3. Big House
4. Yes Sir
5. Dickhead
6. 88 Hell
7. Corpse Fucking Retro Prick
8. Idoicide
9. Bury My Heart at Jonestown
10. Happy Egos
11. My Room

Bonus Track:

12. Die Heathen Die



BMcDonald666 said...

this cd-r was a sore spot for me when it was released. I guess I felt betrayed by Dan at that point because he used underhanded tactics to get me out of the band and then continued to play and record songs I helped write. Oh well water under the bridge I suppose. thanks for doing this blog Gabe it brings back a lot of memories of a really fun period in my life.

Brian McDonald
(original guitarist for USMC)

halfdriven said...

The original songs were getting dropped left and right because the new stuff was much better, not just 2 or 3 chord poppy stuff. The best stuff written was near the end.